Split Floor


Split Floor divides a floor based on a closed profile of detail lines.

To divide a floor into two parts you will need to draw the lines on the edge of the floor.


  • Start by drawing a closed loop of detail lines in a plan view.

  •  Select both the floor and the lines and then click Split Floor on the Naviate-ribbon.


  • Your floor should now consist of two floors.

Known limitations :

  • Can not be used with Shape Editing.
  • All objects that are Host / Attached to the floor lose that relationship.
  • Sloping floors will be flattened.
  • Do not support floors divided in to parts.
  • Floors will be Architecture type of object after split.
  • Do not support Sub elements in floor.
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    Kari Sipilä

    Doesn't work. This notification pops up: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Can't figure it out what's wrong

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