Electrical XML

Electrical XML Link provides features to prepare the Electrical systems for export to Nettdok.
Or to other certified dimensioning systems that uses the defined XML interface.
After having designed the circuits, Elextrical XML enables you to supply this information on the objects.

To prepare for export simply go through the following three steps:


1. Define Distribution system Select the power feeder ( Transformer, Main Supply, Generator)
Choose the correct Distribution system (this is modified from the default Revit MEP setup)



2. Add type and Circuit Breaker and Wire Surrounding Index
Select circuit(s) and add Circuit Breaker Type and Wire surrounding Index according to IEC Table 52.


MCB = Miniature Circuit Breaker
RCCB= Residual-Current Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breaker is a general definition for automatic breaker that can be reset
Fuse = breaker that physically need to be replaced.


(Insert Table 52)


3. Define the load type




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