Cable Tray Pattern

This tool allows you to show different hatch patterns on different types of cable trays using filters and create your own patterns. 

Before you start to work, you can use Visibility/Graphics  -> Filter to see predefined patterns for hatch. It should look like this. 

Main difference from Revit hatch is that the rotation of the hatch is relative to the cable tray element and not the plan




When you select any filter name and click Edit/New you get a following screen where you see newly added parameters that define the hatch pattern



To create pattern, just click edit type on selected cable tray and enter values marked below in green. 



First parameter value is angle of the hatch adn the second is always KR as defined in filters.

When you enter these parameters, just click the Cable Hatch Pattern icon in the menu to refresh the drawing and enjoy the work. 

Used pattern is also updated in Save, Print or Export. 

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