1-Line Diagram

This tool allows you to create and edit 1-line schedules for Switchboards and Panel boards. 


1-Line Schedule Settings

Define what Panel Schedule, Title block and View Template to use when creating the 1-Line Schedule.

Also setup default symbols to pre-populate the 1-line Schedule. 

Here you can change Circuit Numbering Settings for each Panel, as well; and choose how circuits are presented in a 1-Line Schedule tool. 

Note: Changing Settings will not affect already created 1-Line Schedule; Manually delete Panel Schedule, Drafting View and Sheet for the 1-Line Schedule to recreate it using new settings. 



Edit 1-Line Schedule 

Add spaces & spares and order your circuits using the tools in Revit for managing Panel Schedules.

Start Edit 1- Line Schedule to automatically create a Detail view with symbols and a Sheet that combines the Panel Schedule and the Detail view. Choose what symbols to display for each circuit / row using the 1-line Schedule dialog box.

Use Naviate Publish to plot the 1-line schedule and get it divided into separate pages with the configured Title Block for each page.



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