Room Drawings

Room Drawings creates multiple Elevation Views of Walls inside rooms, Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans and places them on sheets. A typical use is to quickly create all tile drawings from every wall in every chosen room.



  1. Specify Rooms by Project, Level or Specific Room in the Project.
  2. Choose View Types to create. (Elevation/Section, Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans and 3D View)
    Choose View Templates and for Wall Elevations the offset placement of the section lines from wall and which Section Type to use.
  3. Choose Titleblock, Sheet Number of the first Sheet, Browser sorting Sheet Parameter and a name for Browser sorting.
  4. Save Settings for the Room Drawing dialog box.
    Simply write the name of the setting combination you want to save and press Save.


After changing any setting, you will be able to save these changes:


Specify the area for View Placement by creating a Guide Grid with the same name as the Sheet:




Select one Room to see Room Info:



Most of the Settings, Guide Grid and View Templates specific for Room Drawings arepredefined in the Template for Naviate Architecture.




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