Wall Area Data

Wall Area Data calculates both Wall Gross Area and Door & Window Area.


Door & Window Area

This function updates Door and Window Areas by Room.

The areas are written to parameters CQDoorArea and CQWindowArea.

This allows you to get wall net areas by room through calculated formulas in Room Schedules.

Multiplying Room Perimeter with Limit Offset and then subtract the calculated Door and Window area to get the wall net areas.

You can use this function for a non-materialbased approach - or simply to run a quick calculation before your 3D model is fully developed. If you are using embedded curtain walls as windows you need to calculate those manually.


Door & Window Area is upgraded to calculate CQWallNetPerimeter. It will subtract Door Width, Widow Width (if Sill Height is 0.0) and Room Separation Lines from the Default Perimeter Parameter on Rooms.


The areas are written to Rooms on parameter CQDoorArea, CQWindowArea and length to parameter CQWallNetPerimeter.



Wall Gross Area

Calculate the gross area for Walls. 


The area is written to Walls on parameter CQWallGrossArea.



Wall Height

Calculate the wall height on walls.



The height is written on the wall on parameters CQWallHeight.




Wall Orientation

Add the wall orientation on walls.


The orientation is written on the parameter CQVIPOrientation


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