Pile Extension



Pile Extension affects objects of the category Structural Foundations, individually to selected Toposurface. The lengths of the piles are presented graphically and in the value of the shared parameter CQPileLength. Pile Extension affects either all piles or only selected piles. If the piles are top-connected to a toposurface, they will remain connected while the bottoms are extended to a surface below.


CQPileLength is the parameter that is influenced by the function. The families included in Naviate intended to piles are prepared with this parameter. Pile Extension can also extend the piles if it’s nested in to other families, such as foundations. Just be aware that the main family must contain the parameter CQPileLenght connected to the corresponding parameter in the pile family.


In order to filter out the piles, Pile Extension will only affect Structural Foundations that contains a parameter called CQType, set to “Pile”. This is to avoid other objects in the project of the same category to be affected. The families that come with CQTools intended to piles are prepared with the parameter CQType.


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