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Filter Elements is a powerful function to help you find and select exactly the elements you are interested in - either by category (eg all/only walls), type, parameter information such as fire rating or even a built-in property such as if an element's top is attached or not.

You can also combine categories, such as all doors and walls with a certain fire rating or comment.

The list of elements can be saved to a selection set so that you with the normal Revit load selection function quickly can reselect the same elements. You can of course also use the selected elements immediately with for instance Tag All.

Also, you can save a Filter Setting for reuse in Filter Elements or for using in the Quick Filter or in Combine Parameters tool. There are also buttons which give you an option to Save, Create New setting, Duplicate, Rename and Delete existing setting 

Starting the function with no selected items you can find almost anything within your Revit project and if you want to filter on pre - selected elements, you can use the Filter by pre - selected elements button.



To select elements, find the element category or type in the left window, Element Selection - the numbers in parentheses first show the number of elements of that category and  then, on the type level, the number of types.

The Properties area will change depending on which categories are selected only the common properties or parameters will be shown. If you choose two very different categories, the window might even be empty. You can choose to show type or instance parameter.

Doubleclicking or using the arrow buttons will add a property or parameter to the right window, Contains, where you select which data is supposed to be used for the selection.

Note that you can select elements without using any of the right windows then all elements of that type or category will simply be selected.

The control for selecting condition is a drop down list with conditions depending on the type of the parameter. The drop down for selecting value also gives the opportunity to enter any value.

You can select everything but the elements specified in the UI with the Mark Inverted Selection option.

The filter buttons switch between model elements, family instances (loadable families), elements in view or all elements - please be aware that the all elements switch might let you select special items which Revit usually does not provide direct access to.

And finally, you can save a selection set with the elements - this is not an automatically updated list, so that if you create more elements that would fit your selection filter they will not appear in the selection set unless you re-select and save a new selection set.



Quick Filter Elements allows quick selection of elements using a Filter Setting or a saved Revit Selection.



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    Salah Abbod

    Very useful and easy to use.

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