Sheet Manager Overview

Sheet_Manager.pngThe Sheet manager consists of six applications.

The first two are used when you create your drawings.

Create multiple sheets

This application creates many Sheets in one workflow. You start with an existing drawing and use it as a template. <more information>

Create Dependent Views

This application create views for select Levels and Scope Boxes. Specify how many different views you want to create and define what view template they should use and if they should be created as dependent views or not.

Quick Dependent Views

Allows you to create dependent views for each scope box in a floor plan with a single click.

Place views on sheets

Places existing views on existing sheets. You can place many views on different sheets in one workflow. The placement is based on a pre-selected existing view.


 The following three applications update properties of Sheets and Title Blocks

Synchronize Yes/No Parameters

It is common that you use instance Yes/No parameters to drive the visibility of different graphic aspects of Title Blocks. In Revit you have to open each sheet and select the Title Block placed there if you want to change the parameter that the Title block uses.

This application creates a new yes/no property of the Sheet also. Since Sheet properties are quicker to access, and also can be found in sheet list schedules, it is more effective and secure to work at that level. Run the application again to transfer your changes of your new sheet properties back to the Title block and the graphic of your drawing is updated.

Update Sheet Scale ParametersSKALA.png

The behavior of the built-in scale parameter is not satisfactory in many projects. One common wish is that you want to show all the different scales in a sheet on your drawing list. This application writes text strings in two selected sheet parameters. One with all the full scales listed and one with the half scales. This information can then be used in Title Blocks and Sheet Lists. You set up which parameters in Settings.

Update Sheet Revision ParametersRevisions.png

This application integrates a workflow using Revits Built-In revision tools. The workflow starts with adding comments to your revision clouds. The application transfers the comments from different clouds to your Sheet properties together with other important revision information. This information can be shown and handled in sheet lists schedules. The purpose is to document all your revisions in a more automated and secure way.


The last application is the settings dialog.

Sheet Scale Parameter Settings

The settings dialogue consists of one tab connected to the application Update Sheet Scale Parameters. Select the parameters used for scales in your project.

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