CAD Tracker


CAD Tracker is a powerful tool that keeps track off CAD files in your project. The function finds DWG, DXF or DGN files.

The function shows if they are linked or imported and allowing you to either delete or hide them.
The dialog is modeless so you can move the window aside and continue to work in Revit at the same time.


The left side lists all CAD files in your project and on the right side is a list of  views the CAD files can be displayed in.
Note that you can doubleclick a view to open it.


To hide a CAD file in a specific view uncheck Visible in the appropriate view(s) on the right side.

Insert tells you whether the selected CAD element is linked or imported into project.

Delete lets you delete the CAD element from project. (If the CAD file is imported "Current view only" you will see only one view here.)

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