Cutout lets you coordinate wall and floor openings for pipes and ducts across disciplines and linked files.

It allows HVAC and EL engineers to transmit cutouts/openings for Pipes,Ducts and Cable Trays to the Architect / Structural Engineer  

 - Step 1
Click Collaboration -> Interference Check to do an "Interference Check" between elements in the HVAC/EL model and the linked building model.


For example you could check interference between Ducts/Pipes in a MEP model and Walls/Floors in a linked model.
In the Interference Result-dialog click Export and save it to a file.


- Step 2
Click CQTools -> Cutout -> Read Elements. Click Browse to locate the Interference Report.



The report defines the core cutout area - if you need add an offset to increase the cutout size.
Which makes the actual cutout opening sligthly larger than the objects passing through.
Click "Save" to make an XML-file - and email this to the Architect / Structural Engineer.


- Step 3
The Architect / Structural Engineer use CQTools->Cutout->Add Openings.


This will automatically generate all wall and floor cutouts/openings needed for pipes/ducts.

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