Shared Coordinates

Shared Coordinates writes global shared X-, Y-, Z-coordinates to your model objects for schedule and tag purposes.
This includes nested familys inside host familys.
Additionally parentinfo is written back to the nested familys.
This is to schedule which host family the nested family resides in.

This function works with the following Revit categories:
- Isolated Structural Foundations,
- Structural Columns,
- Columns.

(If you are just nesting surveymarkes then the host family can be of any category.)

The following parameters are updated:
- CQCoordinatesX
- CQCoordinatesY
- CQCoordinatesZ
- CQAngle

For nested familys these parameters are updated:
- CQParentFamilyAndType (Family and typename of the host)
- CQParentFamilyMark (Mark value from the host)


- Update Coordinates
Update Coordinates writes globale (Shared) coordinates to selected or all objects.
CQAngle is the rotation relative to east and is used for angled piles.
As for most addins you need to update the values after you make changes to the model.


- Place Survey Marker
You can place surveymarkes at strategic locations in your familys and/or projectfile.
For example you could place them at building corners to make a surveyschedule to a surveour.
If you want you can edit the graphical representation of the family to your needs.
Just keep in mind its the insertion point of the surveymarker that is used as coordinates.



For example -
You could place surveymarkers inside familys to schedule coordinates for different corners of it.
This may look like a house but its actually a Site family of a pumphouse wich has nested surveymarkes.
This is to allow coordinate XYZ takeoffs for each corner of all pumphouses in the project.
Right down to which pumphouse they are nested into. 



Attached is the example family you can tweak to your own needs.



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