Array helps to place objects along a line, several lines, within a circle or square.

Array Layout or Path requires Detail Lines.

Forms that can be used:

-  One straight Line
-  Several straight Lines
-  One Circle
-  One Arc

  1. Draw Path or Layout with Detail Lines.
  2. Select Path or Layout
  3. Start Array -> Place Objects

  4. Select Family and Family Type.
    Be aware that the Family Selector allows only external objects to choose. If you want to place an object that only occur in the project it needs to save externally first.

Depending on the Layout, different options will be available.

      5. Choose Quantity

           Quantity.PNG   or  Distance.PNG
           Number of object on the Path                                      Distance between the objects

      6. Depending on the Layout, options to use are Array in shape and include Path

      7. Pick Host Element if the object you want to place is Host Based

      8. If you have a required number of objects to place, Calculations can help you to see if your Quantities are correct

      9. Data of Selection will let you Add or Remove lines that form your Layout although it is recommended to preselect your Layout (Step 2.)

      10. Press Insert

Example for Square Array:



Example for Circle Array:



Rectangular and Space/Room Array

For the rectangular array select the objects at project and click the Finish in the Option bar to the end selection.

At the dialog box you have the editable boxes for the number and the distance of rows and columns in project. Also there is the angle option for insert an angle of the objects array.


For the space/room array select the objects at project and click the Finish in the Option bar. Pick the origin point for an object, select the space/room and pick a reference point for array, notice the point must be at the space/room border.


For preview of the objects array in the project use the Preview button, and for complete the action use the Ok button.



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