Fire Legend

Fire Legend create presentations of the fire symbols used in a project.
After you have made the fireplans and placed symbols just create a Legend view and run this function.
Every symbol used in a project is gathered and placed in the Legend view with a description in your language.
The fire symbols kan be found in the standard Naviate Libraries.

Below is an example of a generated Fire Legend.



Examples and how to create Legend Views can be found here:


Legend by Category

Legend by Category helps you create legends with families inserted in the project. The function works when Legend view is active and there is at least one legend component in it. The inserted component doesn’t need to be one you are intending to use.


View Setup

Legend Category: Select which category to create legend with.

Legend Layout: Select the layout.

View: Select which view on the objects to use.

Row Family: Select row/column family to use. You can create your own row/column families. Note, the family needs to have a parameter CQ Use in Legend in order for the function to display it in the list.

Sorting, Grouping and Filtering

Sort by: Choose which parameter to sort by.

Sort Ascending: Check this box to sort values in ascending order.

Group similar (by type): Check this box to group similar components by type.

Rename Column Headers: Use this to rename the column headers.

Phase filter: Filter components by phases.

Filter by CQ Include in Legend: When inserting families in a view the function creates an instance parameter CQ Include in Legend. Check this box to filter by this parameter. Families with this parameter set to yes will be included in the legend.

Instance and Type Parameters

Available Parameters: Select which parameter/parameters (instance and/or type) to use. Add them to Selected Parameters by using the Add button.

Selected Parameters: Displays which parameters are selected. Remove them by using the Remove button.

Move Up/Move Down: Change the order for the selected parameters.

Create Legend: Creates the legend with selected parameters etc.

Cancel: Cancel the function

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