Shared Elevations

Shared Elevation gives you the global (shared) top and bottom elevation values for spesific categories.

Following Naviate 2015.2 webupdate 1 this function works consistently on all Revit Categories in the following way:

For nested shared familys the Top/Bottom values are derived from geometry boundingbox of the nested family.
For the main family the Top/Bottom values are derived from the geometry boundingbox as a whole incl nested familys.
So any subcomponents you need separate values for, such as concrete footings and steel piles, needs to be nested shared components.

You could use this to tag the global elevation values for window sill heights.
Or the top and bottom of concrete framing such as beams.

We update the following parameters which you can use in standard object tags:

These paramaters can be found on the following Revit categories:
- Windows
- Doors
- Floor
- Generic Models
- Ramp
- Stairs
- Structural Column
- Structural Framing
- Structural Foundation
- Wall Opening

 At the bottom of this article you can download a Structural Framing tag containing the parameters you need.


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