3D Section Box


 3D Section Box helps you navigate the building model by isolating Rooms or Spaces in 3D views.

Select one or more elements and the function will set the Section Box to the containing room/space if the element(s) are in a room/space.
If a  room/space is not detected the section box will isolate just the selected element(s).

If you select an item in a non-3D view, the function presents a list of 3D views and will then isolate the element(s) in selected view – but you will need to open the view manually.



Adjust Section Box enables you to fine-tune the section box in your 3D view manually - either by aligning the section box to a scope box, set the bottom and top to a level or manually enter the values desired.

If you start the command from a Plan view you are asked to “pick a window” to define an area to create a section box from.

It can also round off existing section boxes and tune the height with to an increment.
Please refer to the images and more information below.


Please Note - you can select elements in any view you want - but the intended workflow for both functions is to use a 3D view.


User Interface - Adjust Section Box


The Adjust Section Box window has three methods of adjusting your view's section box.

Sectionbox by Scopebox allows you to select a scope box to align the section box to.
Please note that rotated Scope boxes are not supported at this time - the function will set the correct section box in height but not rotation.


Sectionbox by Level allows you to select a lower and upper limit to the section box based on levels. The offset value will tune from the selected level, positive or negative.
The offset value is sized by the increment below, increment 1000 will increase/decrease the offset by 1000mm at each click.


 Manual Sectionbox allows you to fine-tune the exact values of the section box, not only height but also X and Y positions of the lower and upper limits to the box.

Please note that changes here requires you to click the Apply Manual Limits to change your scopebox, this is for performance reasons. 


Round All Limits to Step allows you to round off the manual values.

If you start Adjust Section Box from the plan view, you can select an area in the project to create a section box. You specify the area by picking first corner and drag a "window" to opposite corner. The default 3D view is selected and a section box for the area is created.


Create New 3D View allows you to create a new 3D view named after the settings for the section box for quickly creating 3D - views for your scope boxes or levels.

Please note that if you start the function with an existing (but disabled) section box, this command will use that section box as a starting point - just enable/disable the view's standard section box and then run the command if this is not desired.

In Naviate 2014.2 there is unfortunately an issue with the Z-position of the created Section Box if you are using a shared elevation other than 0 in your project.

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