Warning Handler


Warning Handler is an application designed to improve the ability to correct warnings in your Revit project, it improves on the built-in function in several ways.

Using an exported html file from the normal Revit warning interface it enables you to correct your warnings without closing the warning handler window and also automatically saves the elements checked to a Revit selection set for easy re-selection.

Warning Handler workflow and functionality


The first step is to export an .html-file from the normal Revit warning window on the Manage ribbon.

Just open the warning window and click export - save the file in a convenient location.



Once the warnings are exported, you start Naviate Warning Handler, click Load and browse to the location of the exported .html file.

The Manage Warnings window has several features, at the top you can see the amount of warnings and after each kind of warning is a sum of the amount of warnings of that specific kind.

By just clicking one or several checkboxes, elements are automatically select and saved to a Revit selection set, the "Warning Handler Temp Selection Set". You can always reload the currently checked elements by clicking the button underneath Warning Handler:


When you have corrected a warning in Revit, the warning handler window is not automatically updated, but you have the choice of dismissing the warning and thus hiding it from the list.

Once you are certain that you have corrected a few warnings and would like an updated list, just re-export the .html file from Revit. It will automatically update.


A few workflow tips to improve your Warning Handling:

  • For technical reasons, when you check elements they are not completely selected in Revit - they are selected but properties does not update - try to check elements and then switch to Revit by clicking the Revit window title (not the white area in a view), they will still be half-selected and you can use for instance Isolate Elements or Naviate Section Box.
  • Another way can be to switch to Revit the same way and then press control-tab to switch to another view, then properties will be updated, but of course - you can also reselect them as described above.
  • Correct warning on one project at a time - the Warning Handler will notice that you have selected the wrong export file, but it might get a bit confused.
  • The Show button uses the normal Revit warning method to find the elements.
  • There's a button for "More Info" on each warning heading - clicking this should open a web browser and direct you to a support description on the CAD-Q support page. That page is also available by clicking here.

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