Publish is a one-click publish function which enables you to print documents and export to DWG and easily reuse the same settings the next time you need to publish the same views or sheets.

The function uses Revit's internal print and export settings, enabling you to print and export exactly the same way you would normally export from Revit.

It also allows you to configure how files will be named using parameters and prefix and suffix values.

Main Interface


The main window of Publish shows you an overview of the setting to be used (the top dropdown), here you can create and save a publish setting with can easily be reused later.

The Print Views
window shows what is to be printed - with a detailed view of which printer, how many views and which setting is to be used.




The Export Views window shows what is to be exported to DWG and using which setting.


Finally, the Publish button will publish - print and export with one single click.


The Print configuration allows you to setup exactly how the printing process of publish is to function.

Printer Name selects a printer, either paper or file-based (for instance PDF or DWF). The print to file checkbox is used for printers which usually prints to paper, not for PDF-printers.

The Sheet set is where you select which sheet set to print - using an improved version of the standard Revit sheet set window. This set can also be reused by normal Revit functions.

Settings is the normal Revit saved print setting - controlling things like scale, paper size, etc.



The lower part with parameter selections is for configuring the filename - these windows are disabled until the "Use Naming" checkbox is checked. Here you can select the naming scheme to be used, both for views and for sheets.



The Export configuration is where you select the export options you would like to use. This works in a very much similar way as the print configuration.

Please note that the Export Setting uses the regular DWG export settings, these need to be pre-created in the Revit export to DWG options in order to be available here.


A few tips to ensure a good Publish result:

  • Make sure that the print setting actually works with the selected printer - some are more sensitive than others!
  • The directory selection is mostly ignored by PDF printers - these need to be configured in their own, Windows settings, to not ask for filename and save in a pre-set location. This might also require a PDF printer with support for scripting.
  • Verify that the printers and file directories are available to all your users if you are using Publish in a multi-user environment.
  • Don't use the in-session setting, it won't be saved between Revit sessions, create a saved selection.
  • Print to PDF with naming has been verified to work with Bluebeam PDF and Acrobat v9 - printing is a complicated process involving several different operating system components if you experience problems make sure to let us know through your regular support channels.
  • If you would like to print to DWF, download the DWF writer from Autodesk: click here

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