Step is adaptive for ducts, pipes and cable trays. You are able to use the function in plan views, 3D views and sections.

Step helps you go vertical or horizontal along a certain element. To make the dialog box visible you need to pick two points on the element that is going to change.

The dialog box exists of two ribbons; Vertical and Horizontal.

Both ribbons exists of two panels and a number of buttons.



Route – Make the element go over or under the selected elements drawn path.

Angle – Decide the angle of the fittings.

Type – The function detects the used type. You are able to change in the drop down menu.

Gap – The default offset of the step is the diameter/height of the element. The Gap parameter sets an additional offset to the step.


The Offset panel lets you decide the exact offset from the elements reference level.

Top – The top offset from the reference level.

Center – The center offset from the reference level.

Bottom – The bottom offset from the reference level.


Hides the dialog box to make it able for you to pan, zoom and orbit in the view. It is also possible to switch between already opened views.

Add Element

If one or more objects don’t clash with the original element, by choosing Add Element you are able to include these objects as well. Don’t forget to click on Finish in the options bar when the selection is set.

Remove Element

Remove clashing objects from the step to exclude them from the selection set.

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