The function Connect by Angle is adaptive for both ducts and pipes.


It is used to connect elements to each other using a specified angle for the elbow or tee/tap.


You can also use it to connect directly from an object such as Air Terminals, Plumbing Fixtures, Mechanical Equipment etc. to a duct or pipe.


Connect Using

Tap or Tee – Create the connection by using Tap or Tee if it is needed.

Elbow Angle – Drop-down menu to choose the preferred angle.


Use custom elbow to connect – Let the function connect to a pipe, or duct, which is sloped.




Straight connection – If, for example, both of the connected elements have a slope, you can use this check box to make the connected element go straight down instead of following the slope.


Right figure shows an example where the check box is used.



This panel is only editable when handling ducts.


By choosing the preferred shape on the radio button you set the shape for the new segment.

Duct/Pipe Type

Drop-down menu by each shape to choose which type of element the function will use.

Use the check-box if you want to use the same type as you pick.


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