Pipe Balancing

Pipe Balancing balances a piping system which exists of two systems (Hydronic Supply and Return).

Every Mechanical Equipment (Radiator e.g.) needs a valve, this valve is going to be adjusted with the correct k-value.

To start the function and make the dialog box visible you need to select two pipes. Either one pipe on the supply system and one pipe on the return system, or to calculate a part of a system, select pipes on the branch you want to calculate. After selection, click Finish in the Options bar.




Left side of the dialog box the whole system, with all its branches, is visible.



Higlight selected items – checkbox that when picked shows you which element is picked in the model.

Name – Every Mechanical Equipment that is to be balanced gets a serial number during the calculation. This is not saved to a parameter.

Pressure Drop – The pressure drop for each branch.

Length – The length of each branch.

Checkbox – Choose the checkbox for the equipment which the system will be balanced after. This system will be displayed to the right.

Identify network by selection – Use button to mark an object in the model, its row will display in blue.


Right side of the dialog.


When choosing the checkbox on the left side, the relevant network equipment shows on the right.



Name – Shows the Category and the Type Name of the object when its row is marked on the left side.

∆p – Shows the delta pressure after a calculation is done.

Valve Function – Type either Radiator, Stop or Zone and the function determines how to handle the object.

Checkbox – When a checkbox is marked its object/row is going to be included in the calculation.

Section – Shows which section each equipment belongs to.

∑p – Sums the total pressure, segment by segment.

Kv – The valve in front of the mechanical equipment gets a k-value after the calculation is done.

Minimum ∆p for balancing valves – Define what minimum pressure drop you want between two zones.


Keep window on top – If checked the dialog box will always stay on top and you are still able to use the model.

Show all network equipment – If checked all items in the system, from the start to the equipment, lightens up. Example of this is pipe and pipe fittings.

Balance Zone – Balance a zone of equipment, this is best done after every branch is balanced.

Balance selected radiators – Select e.g. a branch of equipment and balance them.

Balance all radiators – Balance all equipment that belongs to the system.

Close – Close the dialog box.


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