The Fire function allows you to specify Fire Resistance to multiple elements at the same time.
Fire Resistance can be to elements of following categories: Walls, Floors, Slabs, Roofs, Doors, Windows.
You can also specify which Rooms are to be regarded as "Escape Route".

The "Naviate Fire" panel has a complete range of tools dedicated to its functions:


1. Create 3D Zone   You can choose to write values to all Elements inside a 3D Zone
2. Write Parameters    ...to elements inside 3D Zones or current selection
3. Configure Shortcuts    Define which values the shortcuts should write
4. Shortcuts Writes values to current selection


 - Create 3D Zone

Go to Annotate -> Detail Line.
Draw a closed Detail Line around the elements to be enclosed in a 3D Zone.  
Then select the lines (See picture below) .





After you selected detail lines go to "Naviate Fire" panel and click Create 3D Zone.


Provide Top/Bottom values and a Name of the 3D zone to be created, and click OK.


If all goes as it should a new 3D view named "Fire Module 3D" is created.
This view contains the 3D Zone you just created.



- Write Parameters

There are two ways to use Write Parameters function and the difference is in selection.
Select a previously created 3D zone or select element(s) directly then click "Write Parameters".
Select Category then desired value and click OK.
The value is now written to all previously selected elements of chosen category.



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