What's new in 2013.2

Common changes to all 'Naviate for Revit' products

Products rebranded to Naviate
CQTools products have been rebranded to Naviate.
We have also started to implement a Naviate look on icons and dialog boxes.


New help system
A new wiki based help system is now in place similar to the Autodesk help site.

The new help system allow users to add comments and request more information about specific functions, as well as add articles on their own. (Cad-Q reserves the right to disable user comments/articles for specific functions)


VIP Energy – Productivity Enhancements
We have made it easier to control what parts of the building that should be exported to VIP Energy and be part of the calculation.
- Updated modeless UI to allow viewing and selecting parts of the model that should be included in the export.


- Export settings are stored in the project to make it easy to export the model again. This also allows you to make view filters in dedicated VIP Energy
  3D views -  which dynamically display only the elements you check/uncheck for export.


Relative Elevation – Extended functionality
Relative Elevation now supports additional objects such as Ducts and Pipes. This is for example useful for displaying pipes and ducts above or below the cut plan with different line types.


DWG Tracker – Productivity & UI enhancements
We have reworked the UI and made a number of improvements.


- Renamed to CAD-Tracker
- Added support of DXF and DGN file formats.
- New modeless dialog allows you to work with native Revit commands such as Show Hidden Elements or switch view while in the command.
- Changes in visibility happens instantly without closing the dialog box
- Now supports to make a DWG visible in a view
- Locate and inspect CAD-files by double clicking on a tracked view


3D Section Box – New feature to increase productivity
Create 3D Section Box on the fly allowing you to inspect and check your model in a much easier way. By picking an object inside a room (for example Furniture or an Outlet) a 3D section box cropped to the room or space is automatically created.


Naviate Architecture

Door and Window Swing
Some door/window constructions isn’t only Left or Right, they can be both at the same time. Therefore as well as Left/Right you can choose to use a new Opening Type called “Flipstate”. This allows you to schedule complex door/window constructions in a more logical manner.



Room data – Extended functionality
The Room Data feature now also report Net perimeters in Rooms. (Room perimeter subtracted door widths.)


Room Drawings – Productivity Enhancements
Settings are now saved in Project instead of local computer to make sure all project members use same configuration.


Shared Elevations
Now support new Stairs created in 2013.


Fi2 Export – Feature Enhancements (Sweden Only)
We have reworked the UI and fixed a number of issues.
- Fi2 XML Export now support new Delivery Specification standard
- New User Interface to improve usability


Naviate Structure


Pile Numbering
You can now decide where you want to start the numbering with the new Sense of XY axis option. And you can subnumber the piles in relation to which isolated foundation they belong to.


Pile Tags – Productivity Enhancements
It is now possible to tag piles with a single command.

Reinforcement - Enhancements
A number of issues have been fixed including the problem with end hooks.


Naviate HVAC & Plumbing


Duct Acoustic – Productivity enhancements
We have made a number of improvements to make it easier to calculate a system and review the result.
- Allow picking multi connector objects such as plenums as start objects
- No need to “pick direction” when picking a start object within a system
- Interactive report of all errors found in the system when calculating it
- Flow & pressure loss are presented according to Project Unit settings
- Pressure & pressure loss parameters on elements now have pressure as unit
Note! In order to update parameters in existing projects you have to rerun the calculation.
- Zoom into button to make it easier to analyze your system
- Hide dialog button to allow zooming, paning and switching views while analyzing calculation results


Advanced Text – Productivity enhancements
We have reworked the UI to make texting easier.
- Preview of the text and an option to change style, leader & tick marks while inserting the text


- Easier to find appropriate text style to use since only text styles valid for the selected object(s) are displayed in the UI.
- Less options in dialog box
- Easier and faster to text many similar objects using Enter to restart command and accept last used settings without having to change anything in the dialog box.


HVAC – Productivity enhancements
- Flow & pressure loss are presented according to Project Unit settings
- Actual flow is displayed in diagram to make it easier to verify the performance of the selected air terminal



Naviate Electrical


Draw Wire – Documentation enhancement
We have added a new tool to make it easier to draw wiring between devices according to Nordic documentation standards.



Advanced Text
Advanced text is now part of Naviate Electrical and can now be used on for example to text Cable Trays.

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