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The intention of this function is to handle room/zone functional programs in the form of an IFC file.
Typically these IFC files are issued as a part of archtectural competitions issued by Statsbygg.

Revit currently is unable to open these IFC files because they dont contain any building elements such as walls.
However the IFC file can be linked into your project.
The IfcSpaces in the link is "Generic Models" identified as IfcSpace.

Based on that this function creates unplaced Rooms in your project file.
Where Room Number, Name, area requirements and zone information is set according to the IFC file.
To view them just create a Room Schedule.

As you start to place rooms these predefined unplaced rooms becomes available.


IFC based Room/Zone functional programs comes in different forms with varying degree of information.
Dont hesitate to call us if your IFC file requires special attention from us.

This is how we currently map the parameters from the linked IfcSpace to the Room:

IfcSpace Room
IfcName Number
LongNameOverride Name
IfcZone ZoneName
NetPlannedArea(Pset_SpaceCommon) NetPlannedArea
IfcDescription (From Zone) ZoneDescription
ObjectTypeOverride (From Zone) ZoneObjectType

To view the Rooms just create a Room Schedule with the Room parameters in the rigth column above.




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