AutoDXF is a tool that automatically generates DXF files from unfolded sheet metal parts. When the user save a file which includes an unfolded model, Naviate creates a DXF file in a predefined folder or in part folder path.



Automatic adjustments on the file:
Double geometries are removed. I.e. lines that are created on top of each other and therefore will spoil the CNC code generated from the DXF.

Show/suppress holes:
The user get a dialogue that asks if holes shall be included or excluded in the DXF file.

Control of thickness:
If the user has different thickness on the part and into the "sheet metal styles" configuration, AutoDXF will warn you on this.

Control of angles:
Sometimes the user selects wrong surface for unfolding, and if there are no perpendicular surface against the horizontal plan, AutoDXF will warn you.

Click on the AutoDXF Settings tool button and select the setting you want to edit.

Not all settings are active in Naviate, because they need customer specific setup. Contact Cad-q for help with this.

Editing those settings requires a restart of Inventor.


General Settings 


Show Material, Thickness and Filename in DXF toggles text in the DXF file on and off.

Use Add in translator gives the possibility to use other translator than Inventor.

Ini filename for DXF params - DXF file layers are controlled normally by the string.

DXF folder is the Global save path from selection in Global settings.

Hole params excludes holes based on diameter. If value 10 is entered, all holes smaller than 10 will be excluded.


User Settings


Here you set the AutoDXF active, and it will be activated every time you save a file containing sheet metal flat patterns.

Log to file writes a log file from the dxf creation and saves it in the Global log path set up in the AutoDXF global settings .

Don't show dialogs toggles between silent creation and prompted.


Global Settings


Assume file names in vault are unique (Not active) assumes that the filename in vault is exact the same as the part to minimize search.

Store DXF folder with part gives selection where to place the DXF file, with the part, in global path or in subfolder with part.

Don't show dialogs toggles between silent creation and  prompted.

Debug level, the accuracy of the log file based on integer value.

Auto refresh vault panel (Not active) refreshes vault browser when adding DXF.

SQL server (Not active).

Global Log Path Is where the log file is stored if checked for in user settings.

Weight decimals (Not active).


Advanced Settings


This is a function to set parameters in the CNC file that can be read by a laser to automatically switch between engraving and cutting.

The settings excludes certain lengths in the CNC files which is the actual length of the letters to be engraved. The probability to get random line lengths of the same length are minimal.

This setting have to be synchronized with your Laser CNC software. Contact Cad-q for configuration Help.


Vault Settings


The DXF files can be checked directly into the Vault. This normally needs customer specific setup. Contact Cad-q for help with this.

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