Position Synchronizer

Position Synchronizer function automatically updates the balloons and parts lists between the sheets in a drawing file.



Automatically update balloons

When an assembly or a parts list is placed as the first view on a drawing, the Bill of Materials organizes the order of component position numbers.

If you want to create views of other components from the assembly, the "Automatically update balloons" option renumbers the position balloon to correspond with the assembly BOM. The updates are done when you Save the drawing.

Synchronize partslists

In a drawing, a parts list can be made for a component that belongs to a higher level assembly. The “Synchronize partslists” option updates the position number to correspond with the main parts list on the same drawing. The updates are done when you Save the drawing.

Position Synchronizer Settings

The settings are available by clicking on Position Synchronizer Settings in the ribbon or through the Naviate Configurator. Choose which updates should be done automatically when saving the drawing.

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