Make Drawing

Make Drawing automatically creates 2D drawings of parts and assemblies. 


Make Drawing

Select parts and/or assemblies in the browser window. Run Make drawing command by clicking on command in the Naviate ribbon menu.

You can also run the command by choosing RMB in the browser and Make Drawing:



Make Part Drawing

Make Part Drawing will create single drawings from all parts at all levels in an assembly. Run Make Part Drawing by clicking on command in the Naviate Ribbon menu.


Make Drawing Settings

Choose Make Drawing Settings to configure the functionality. The Settings are also found through Naviate Configurator. 

Select view Tab

You can set up several configurations, and store them by name. Choose Add to add a new configuration. For every configuration you can set:

  • Orientation - Orientation of the component
  • Model Dimensions - Auto generated dimensions
  • Automated Centerlines - Auto generated centerlines
  • Weld Annotations - Weld Symbols for welds
  • Thread Feature - Thread information
  • Base view - If it should be the base view or not
  • Style - Plain, Hidden lines or Shaded


Settings Tab

  • Place in sheets - Select In Same Drawing (Multisheet) or Creates New Drawings (Single sheet)
  • Template folder - You can choose your template folder. File named "Standard.idw" will be used from that folder. 
  • Open IDW  - Option for whether the file(s) should be opened or not after creation. Supports the standard drawing format set in Inventor Application options
  • Max scale factor  - Maximum scale factor for the views. (If the scale does not fit the sheet, it will check for the next scale size)
  • View space - View space between each view
  • Show Label - Option for whether to show the label or not 
  • Label text - Can be used if show label is checked
  • Include Content Center Parts - Option for including Content Center parts
  • Include Purchased Parts - Option for including purchased parts


Paper Selector Tab

With Paper Selector you can choose predefined sheet sizes, add new sizes and set up the values for each sheet. The model will be scaled to fit the sheet.
Remember that your standard idw/dwg need to have the same sheet formats.

Select predefined sheet size from the dropdown or choose Add to add a new sheet size. For every sheet size you can set:

  • Sheet height
  • Sheet width
  • Distance from left margin
  • Distance from right margin
  • Distance from top margin
  • Distance from bottom margin


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