Property Updater

Property Updater takes care of any old custom property and links it to a Naviate property.


The settings are available from the Configurator. You need to look up your old Custom properties and fill them in to ensure that they are taken care of. There can be mappings to drawings, titleblocks, iproperties etc. that are important to take care of.


Example: Your titleblock mapping for model mass is Custom property XMass. You start to use CQTools and want to implement CQTools_Weigth. The easy way is to edit this in your templates, but all your old drawings still have the old property. You can setup the User property dialog to also set the new value as soon as an old drawing is opened and saved. We don't remove the old property, but add the new and link the old and the new one.

This way you always will have the right properties available.


Your BOM and ERP exports will also always be right, even if you have a mix of old and new values.


Procedure :


Set precision if you have old Qtools string found in the description field


Write the name for your old property and add it


Now slowly click three times in the New property field and name your new property

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