Number Generator (old)

Number Generator (old)

The Number Generator is configured to take over the “save” and “save as” function in Inventor and give the user a predefined filename and place the file in a predefined folder structure. You have the ability to choose between three different series or choose to skip the Number Generator and type in the filename. You can also reserve numbers. 

This Number Generator is the same function that has been for years in the product. A new function can be found from the Navigator that can be used at the same time as filling in iProperty information. With the new function, the filename and save path (folder structure) can be set up as a combination of many iProperty values, including a number given by a Number Generator. For more information, go to Configuring series type of field / Setting up Number Generator

Note: To avoid conflicts, please choose to use either the new Number Generator in Navigator or the old Number Generator, not both.


Setting up the functionality

Go to Naviate Configurator. It can be found from the start menu -> all programs -> Cad-Q -> Naviate for Inventor -> Naviate Configurator



As Number Generator is disabled by default, go to Options and Plugin Settings tab to enable the function. Then click on Number Generator to set up the functionality. Note: Any changes in the settings will need a restart of Inventor to be activated.



Folder settings

Controls where the files are stored. Here you have two options; you can either place the files in a file path or in your Workspace specified in the current Inventor project file.

  • Project workspace - The files are placed directly in your Workspace specified in your active Inventor Project file
  • Main Folder - The files are placed in a user specified folder inside your project. You can type in your own path.


There are 3 number series available for use with independent Prefix and Suffix that can be edited to suit the customer needs.

  • End = Last number in the series you want to use
  • Latest = The last number that was used, this value needs to have the same number of digits as Filename length
  • Prefix = Value which is placed before the filename
  • Suffix = Value which is placed after the filename
  • Filename Length = Minimum number of digits in the filename
  • Number of files in each folder
  • Numbers of characters in foldername
  • Create folder from Prefix
  • Create folder from filename, where filename is number series
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