Drawing BOM list

Drawing BOM list is a tool for iProperty handling through the created Parts List. This function is available in drawing environment. 

You can activate Drawing BOM list tool by right-clicking the Parts List or select Drawing BOM list from Naviate Ribbon-menu:




Drawing BOM list looks like this:


Drawing BOM list shows same columns that are shown in the active Parts List.

You can edit data fields with Navigator by double-clicking the field or selecting Show Navigator from a right-click menu:


You can also add Auto Descriptions or use a saved iProperty template for the field. 

Opening the file through Drawing BOM list is also possible.


After the Navigator Window is open, you can use any available Navigator function:


Drawing BOM list tool writes all the data to the iProperties of the 3D-model. Behavior of Drawing BOM list is very similar with the Inventor's Bill of Material tool. With Drawing BOM list you are able to use Navigator functions to fill / change the iProperties directly to the files.

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