Configurator is the  foundation of Naviate. Configurator keeps track of the features in the application and gives administrative tools to ensure a uniform setup through the business.

The Configurator is built to easy insert new code and integrate it in the Naviate environment. If a business have their own add-ins it can easily be incorporated into Naviate Configurator to give a easy way of administer setup and access rights.


To access the Naviate Configurator 

From the start menu -> all programs -> Cad-Q -> Naviate for Inventor -> Naviate Configurator




The Options tab shows where the configuration files are located and if the features are enabled based on which feature selected. All settings in the features are accessible from the Naviate Configurator Plugin Settings.

Every plugin can be set and modified through this menu.



Configuration Settings

The path set is the path to the local and the server Configuration. Its possible to run all from server or just some plugins. 

Naviate will automatically check for updates whenever there's a internet connection availiable and the configurator is open. This can be deactivated vy checking "Check for updates to" No.



Plugin Settings

All plug-ins are listed in this tab. It's possible to activate, deactivate and configure settings for all plug-ins from here.


Turns plug-in on or off

Local Config

Runs the configuration from Local machine. If unchecked it will run from server.

Only server editing is allowed

Runs the configuration from a server. Server is set in " Configurator Settings". This require the configuration files copied to server.

Change / Set password

Set password on configuration to deny user configuration.



Plugin Configuration

For each Plugin its possible to select the plugin in the Configurator, and access the plugin settings.

The settings are also accessible from inside Inventor for some plugins. For detailed information for each plug in, look up the plugin in question in this manual.

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