Autodesk Inventor files have properties called iProperties that are used to track and manage files, create reports, and automatically update assembly bills of materials, drawing parts lists, drawing title blocks, and other information.

Navigator is an iProperty editor that drastically reduce the time spent to fill in the properties. At the same time Navigator standardizes the whole process, including file naming, save path etc. 


Other functions connected to Navigator are:

  • Number generator – Standardized numbering according to a series
  • ERP Import/Export – Import item data from and export item data to an ERP system
  • Drawing Export – Automatically generates PDF, DWF, Autocad DWG and Autocad DXF files from your drawings
  • Add Properties to IDW – Transfers properties from model to drawing (IDW/DWG)
  • Sheet Metal XYZ – Measures the sheet metal part’s XYZ extents and adds to custom properties
  • 2D Sweeplength – Measures sweeplengths of 2D sweeps
  • Weight – Calculates the weight and adds to custom property
  • Range XYZ – Measures the part’s XYZ extents and adds to custom properties

Navigator Settings

Click on the following links for more information about setting up the Navigator (linked pages will be opened up in new window): 

Navigator Settings

Navigator Properties

Display order

Common property properties

Groups in Template

Defining the alias names for iProperties

Field types

Configuring drop down type of field

Configuring tree type of field

- Configuring expression type of field

Configuring series type of field / Setting up Number Generator

ERP Import

ERP Export

Drawing Export 

Add Properties to IDW 

Sheet Metal XYZ

2D Sweeplength


Range XYZ





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