Navigator Settings


Navigator Settings

Configuration for Navigator is made through Navigator Settings. Navigator Settings can be found from the Naviate menu. Select Navigator – Settings.




Navigator Settings can also be found from the Navigator Window. Select Settings - Settings.




Settings Window

Settings Window is a browser-like tool for configuring Navigator. It is divided into four different categories: General, Properties, Number Generator and ERP.





In General section you are able to define:

1. File Naming

  • Automatic file naming is an Inventor iProperty based tool for standardized file naming. File name of the file can be built with predefined iProperties. iProperty for the file naming can be a standard Inventor iProperty or a Custom iProperty defined by the user.
  • Automatic file naming is to be configured separately to all Inventor file types; part file (ipt), assembly file (iam), presentation file (ipn) and drawing file (idw and dwg).
    • If you want to select an Inventor Standard iProperty to be used in file naming, select it from the drop-down menu by clicking the property field


    • If you want to select an Inventor Custom iProperty to be used in file naming, write the name of the Custom iProperty to the property field. This function is case sensitive so use uppercase and lowercase letters just like in Inventor Custom iProperty




In this example we want to have the part file name to come from the Custom Inventor iProperty 99 FILENAME. This custom iProperty is defined to a template file. The value for the custom iProperty 99 FILENAME is expression based in this example. It is built like this:

=<Project>-<Description>-<Part Number>

This means that the custom iProperty “99 FILENAME” reads values from iProperties “Project”, “Description” and “Part Number” and combines these as shown above.

If the iProperty “Project” is 1234, “Description” is PLATE and “Part Number” is 00001, the value for the 99 FILENAME iProperty is 1234-PLATE-00001. This property can be used as Navigator’s file naming property.

More about the Autodesk Inventor’s iProperty handling can be found from the Help of the Autodesk Inventor:


2. Folder Settings

With Folder Settings function you are able to define the default saving folder. Autodesk Inventor saves files to the defined workspace folder in Project File (ipj) as default. Navigator Folder Settings enables overriding this Inventor default setting.

    • If you like to use a custom folder instead of project workspace folder as a default saving folder, select “custom” from the Default location drop-down menu.




    • After selecting custom folder as a default saving folder, you have to define the folder in Location:




3. General Options

In General Options you are able to define Mandatory iProperty values checking and pop-up options for the Navigator. Both of these options are defined with True / False –options.

    • If you like the Navigator to check that all the mandatory iProperty fields are filled with data when you save a file, select True in “Check mandatory values during save” –option. This option acts on "Save" command, which means it will check that all the mandatory values are filled in also if you open up an old file and press Save.
    • If you like the Navigator to pop-up when you save your file for the first time (or create a copy from the file using “Save as” command), select True for this option. This option acts only on "Save as" command, not on "Save" (when you save a file for the first time, Inventor runs the "Save as" command automatically)..
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