Groups in Template

Groups in Template

With Navigator you can create a group for iProperties. Groups are used to categorize the iProperties. Here is an example of groups:



 Groups are shown in GREEN color in Navigator window. You can expand and collapse groups.


Creating a group

To create a group, right click in the top of the “Part” and select “Add new group” if you like to add a group for the Navigator window for an Inventor part:




To create a group for an assembly, drawing or presentation file, right click in the top of the desired file type and select “Add new group”.

The group is created:





Renaming the group

You can rename the group by selecting it in a browser and writing a new name for the group in the name column:




Collapsed and expanded groups 

Created groups are expanded by default. If you like the group to be collapsed by default in the Navigator window, select “True” in the Collapsed column:




Here is an example of collapsed and expanded groups in Navigator Window:


 In left, Material and ERP groups are collapsed by default. In right they are expanded.


Adding iProperties for the groups

You can move any iProperty for any group by just dragging and dropping it:



NOTE! Dragging and dropping iProperties from group to another COPIES the iProperty. You need to delete the original one.

After a successful group creation and iProperty moving it can look like this:



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