Navigator Properties

Navigator Properties

Navigator’s Properties are used to manage Autodesk Inventor’s iProperties.


Properties Templates

Navigator iProperty handling is based on Properties Templates. You are able to create multiple Templates for different customers / projects. Projects made for Customer A uses for example Template called “Customer A” and projects made for Customer B template called “Customer B”. In template you can define what iProperties are managed with Navigator in current configuration.


Creating a Template 

There is one Template included in Navigator after successful installation. It is called “Default”. You can create a template of your own by clicking with right mouse button in top of “Properties”:




New template is now created:




You can change the name of the template in “Name” column:




Selecting iProperties to manage with Navigator

You can select the properties you want to manage with Navigator by expanding the Template you just created:




Selecting iProperties to be managed by Navigator

iProperties selection is to be made with a “Add from file” –function. To add an iProperty to be managed by Navigator right click in the browser on the top of the desired file type and click “Add from file”:




Select the file you want to be the source of the iProperties. In this case we are using our template:




Navigator lists iProperties from the selected file. Select iProperties you want to manage with Navigator. You can select standard iProperties and / or custom iProperties:




After clicking OK, Navigator automatically creates a new group called “Document” and adds selected iProperties for this group:



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