ERP Import

ERP Import

ERP Import is used to import item data from an outside source into Inventor iProperty fields. These fields can be visible in the Navigator or only exist in the Inventor file. ERP Import reads the information from a folder containing a CSV file (or many CSV files) or an SQL database.


Setting up an ERP Import

Go to Navigator Settings (see Navigator Settings for more information). In the Settings window, go to the browser category named ERP and folder Imports:



Click RMB (Right Mouse Button) on Imports and choose Add new import. The function creates a new import and you are able to define the following General properties for your import:

  • Name - Name of the ERP Import. Will be shown in Navigator
  • Type - Choose either CSV or SQL
  • CSV path / SQL connection object - Specify the CSV path (folder where the csv file/files is/are situated) or the SQL connection


To connect the ERP Import to chosen iProperties, you need to define which information (in CSV which column) should be mapped to which iProperty. To connect these together, click RMB on the import you created in the browser and choose Add new column:



Next specify the following properties:

  • Map to following iProperty - Choose iProperty to map to, or write the name of your iProperty in the field
  • Display name - Name displayed
  • Listview column width - The width of the column in Listview (the view where you choose the row you want to import)
  • Prefix - Prefix can be added, if needed
  • Suffix - Suffix can be added, if needed
  • Index in CSV - Index of the column in the outside source. Number "0" means the first column, "1" the second column etc.


Now go on with adding new columns until you have all the columns you need mapped to your iProperties. For example the result can look like this:



Now you can start using the ERP Import in the Navigator. Just choose ERP and your import (in example Descriptions): 



In the Listview window choose the row you want to import. You can also search for the row, by typing in a search criteria in the search field (the empty field down on the left side): 


Press Apply to Inventor and your iProperty values will be filled in according to the settings you made.

Note: You can have more than one ERP Import defined and choose the appropriate one in the Navigator. 

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