Settings (working with Vault)

Naviate fully supports environments, where Autodesk Vault is used for data management.

One of the features in Vault Workgroup/Collaboration/Professional (not included in basic Vault) is Generate File Number, which is commonly used for naming/numbering files as they are created. 

Below is described how to set up the system, if Generate File Number is used in the Vault environment (if Generate File Number is not used, then any Navigator Settings can be used).


Settings (working with Vault W/C/P)

The following Naviate Navigator Settings need to be correct, if Generate File Number is used in the Vault environment:

  1. File Naming: Automatic file naming needs to be disabled. To disable the function, simply leave the fields empty for Assembly property, Drawing property, Part property and Presentation property 
  2. Folder Settings: Default location needs to be Project workspace 

The correct values are showed in picture below. 



If any of the settings described above have any other value, the Generate File Number function won't work as desired. 

Please see Navigator Settings for information about where to find the Navigator Settings.

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