What's New in 2013.3

Naviate Manufacturing 2013.3 New Features include: 

  • Automatic Part Drawing creation, including information about the Project and Part Quantity needed in project
  • Drawing BOM List tool for checking and editing Parts List values
  • Automatic Drawing Scale creation for Drawings 


New features:

Make Part Drawing

This function gives you the possibility to create automatically part drawings directly from the assembly with some nice new features


  • Information about the  reference assembly,  client, project, number of units to make (needed in project), item/part quantity and  item/part number in assembly is automatically written to drawing iProperties
  • Possibility to include or exclude standard parts from drawing creation
  • Possibility to retrieve all model dimensions to drawings created


Drawing BOM list

This is a new tool for quickly checking and editing Parts List values in a drawing


  • More visual tool compared to Inventor’s standard parts list editor, with a large thumbnail preview of part/assembly
  • Values can be added or changed using Autodescriptions and Naviate Navigator
  • Any changes are automatically written to the parts/assemblies 


Drawing Scale

This is a new feature for automatically creating a Drawing Scale for a drawing

  • Base view scale for the drawing is automatically written to iProperty
  • iProperty name can be configured and easily linked to existing drawing template (title field)


Additional new features:

There are also a number of other new features that make you more productive with Naviate Manufacturing 2013.3:

  • Enhanced licensing with network and stand alone licensing capabitilies with new FlexNet licensing system.
  • Improved File Naming capabilities when using Drawing Export (PDF, DWFX, DWG, DXF)
  • Enhancements to system core to make the product faster when working with large assemblies
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