What's New in 2014.2

Naviate Manufacturing 2014.2 New Features include: 

  • iLogic support at Save - possibility to automatically run an external iLogic rule before or after Save
  • Enhanced functionality for Task Scheduler/Vault Jobprocessor
  • ERP Export from Autodesk Vault Workgroup/Professional*
  • Secondary file format generation from Autodesk Vault Workgroup/Professional*
  • Property management and automatic property update in Autodesk Vault Workgroup/Professional*

* Functionality in Naviate Manufacturing for Vault. For more information about these features, please go to Naviate Manufacturing for Vault.


Naviate Manufacturing 2014.2 supports Autodesk Inventor 2013 and 2014. Naviate Vault 2014.2 supports Autodesk Vault Workgroup/Professional 2014.


New features in Naviate Manufacturing:

iLogic support at Save

This function gives you the possibility to run an external iLogic rule before or after Save. The function is set up in the Navigator Settings



This function can be used for a lot of different things that you want to automatically happen when saving a file in Inventor, i.e. save current view as .jpeg, get or set iProperties and values etc.

Enhanced functionality for Task Scheduler/Vault Jobprocessor

The functionality for running Inventor together with Naviate Manufacturing from Task Scheduler or Vault Jobprocessor has been enhanced. Earlier Naviate Manufacturing interfered in some cases, when Inventor was run by the Task Scheduler or Vault Jobprocessor. Now the functionality in the program has been enhanced, so that Naviate knows when it is opened and run by these programs.


Additional features:

There are also a number of other new features and fixes that make you more productive with Naviate Manufacturing 2014.2:

  • Enhanced Navigator functionality when working with Vault - Automatic disabling/hiding of Navigator, when the Vault browser is active, which makes it faster for the user to pick parts and assemblies in the Vault browser
  • Enhancements regarding the Autodescriptions used in Navigator - The handling of automatic formatting of Autodescriptions, including precision for parameters, has been enhanced  
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