What's New in 2015.2

Naviate Manufacturing v.2015.2 Released

This version includes some new features and several fixes:


New Precision, Show Units and Show Trailing Zeroes menu-entries in Autodescription pop-up menu


You can now filter sheets on Sheet number when exporting from an Inventor Drawing to DWFx, PDF, DWG or DXF files



  * Autodescription Format usage fixed.
  * Modified ERPImport SQL to only add columns once per record.
  * Use of precision setting fixed.
  * Added click Apply button after apply in ERPImport dialog. 
  * Added check for null expression on start of EditAutoDesscription dialog. 
  * Changed Search label to anchor left+bottom and moved up two points. 
  * Fixed the ERP Import settings definitions fails when no name is given. 
  * ERP Export fixes. 
  * Navigator Expression field is now able to change field type. 
  * Fixed wrong logic for shortcutting export calculations when format not selected for automatic saving. 
  * Changed ERPLookup/Export and Drawing to use common methods to calculate export destination folder and file name. 
  * Fixes for using correct document object in exporting data and to create proper naming and folders for exported files. 
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