Naviate Vault functionality - Setup


There are two packages available:

  • Naviate.2014.Admin.exe - Installs the Admin functionality 
  • Naviate.2014.Client.exe - Installs the Client functionality

Naviate.2014.Admin.exe should be installed on the client computer for those users, who administrate the product.

Naviate.2014.Client.exe should be installed on the client computer for all users, who uses Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Professional (usually this means also all administrators' computers). If the Jobprocessor is run on the server, which is normally the situation, then the Client functionality needs to be installed on the server also.



After installing the Admin functionality (Naviate.2014.Admin.exe), the Naviate 2014 Admin icon will be found on the Desktop:


The link refers to C:\Program Files (x86)\Cad-Q\Naviate 2014 Admin\Naviate.ConfigurationUI.exe (which can be run directly, if icon is missing/deleted).


The Admin program will next ask the user to log in to Vault:



After logging in, the Naviate Settings dialog will show up. On General Settings you can set up:


  • JobServer: Credentials to use means which user you want to use when running jobs on Jobprocessor. Choose a user that have enough rights, so that files can be attached to a released file in the Vault (this normally means that also the Vault settings need to be changed). Give User name and password, if needed 
  • Inventor visibility: Inventor visible when running jobs sets the visibility for Inventor, when run by the Jobprocessor. Usually this is set to False


Next go to Actions to set up an Action. Let's take first the ERP Exports, which exports information to XML, CSV and SQL, according to settings. Go to the right file format, like Assembly, and click RMB (Right Mouse Button) to add an ERP Export:


  • General: Name is the name for the instance. Use a name that explains the function so the user knows what the function is for, if the function is set to be run manually also
  • Generation: Enable manual generation, if you want the user to be able to run the command from Vault. Otherwise the ERP Export can only be run as a Jobprocess
  • Conditional Generation: Condition(s) can be set if needed. This means that the ERP Export is only run, if the conditions are met. Set one or more iProperty values and use logical operator (AND, OR) if more than one iProperty is used
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